Lavin Entreprenuership Program

I am a member of the Lavin Entreprenuership Program, class of 2018-2020.
The Lavin Entreprenuership Program is an extracurricular program run here at SDSU,
for the purpose of promoting entreprenuership among the student body.
Its membership is made up of a new group of students interviewed and selected every year,
based on their tenacity and interest in entreprenuership.

Every student in the program is required to come to a class at 7am,
on Mondays for first years,
and Wednesdays for second years.
This is not easy at all, especially for students,
and we pride ourselves on this.

Each student is assigned a mentor,
usually in their own field of expertise.
Generally, each mentor is an entreprenuer, or has been one in some capacity.
This is done to help each student learn to think like an entreprenuer through osmosis.

My mentor is Drew Haines, a software engineer.
He is the Co-Founder and CTO of Hourslogger,
a quick and simple to use solution to time tracking for consultants.


SDSU Cyber Defense Team

I work as the System Administrator of the SDSU Cyber Defense Team
I teach CS, CE, EE, and MIS students about the growing field of cybersecurity.

Last year I served as Jobs and Competitions Liason,
which was when I had the privilege to lead our team to winning
2nd place in the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Cup,
which was held at Cal Poly Pomona last year in Spring.

The year before that, I was appointed at Deputy Officer.
That was before I was admitted into SDSU,
so I could not run for an elected position.

Because of my passion and fit with the team culture,
I was asked to join as a deputy, to which I accepted.
Being a part of this club, is the reason why I came to SDSU,
and I will always remember my time as part of it.